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ConnecteDriver & Smart Mobility conference in Brussels with François Pot

Anthony Corbeaux
By Anthony Corbeaux - 1/29/19 2:47 PM

We're very excited to announce that François Pot, Business Development Manager at DriveQuant, will facilitate a session at ConnecteDriver & Smart Mobility on February 6th in Brussels. Don't miss out on this conference named "Insurtech: innovative solutions to match new customers behaviours & expectations in the age of Smart Mobility", and meet us in Belgium.



With 50+ expert speakers and 250+ senior attendees, The Sixth annual ConnecteDriver & Smart Mobility conference is a must attend event that brings together the automotive, mobile and aftermarket electronics companies, smart mobility operators and cities.

François Pot, Business Development Manager at DriveQuant, is looking forward to facilitating a session that will highlight the new and innovative insurance solutions to match expectations in the age of Smart Mobility. This session, sponsored by DriveQuant, and will kickoff at 4:40pm.

If you'd like to book a meeting with François during the event, you can either message him on Linkedin or schedule an appointment online.


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