DriveQuant annonce un partenariat avec la start up Crowdloc

François P.
Par François P. - 07/02/18 11:00

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer notre partenariat avec la société Crowdloc, société de géo localisation d'assets collaborative.Le but de cette alliance est de venir ajouter des services aux beacons que nous utilisons dans certaines de nos solutions.

CrowdLoc - DriveQuant

Plus d'explications dans notre communiqué de presse ci dessous :


CROWDLOC et DriveQuant Announce Partnership to Provide Car Insurers with Affordable Car Tracking Tech


The two companies to officially announce their partnership at the international conference ConnecteDriver & Smart Mobility in Brussels, Feb 7th-8th, 2018.

 Paris, France - Feb 7th, 2018 - Connected driver solution provider DriveQuant & location tracking provider CROWDLOC today announced a partnership to offer insurance companies and fleets a very innovative and affordable car tracking solution to fight car theft.

“We are increasingly using bluetooth beacons in our eco-driving, coaching and safety solutions to couple a smartphone to a vehicle. Also these devices bring more value to our clients and allow us to offer new functionalities“ explained Philippe Moulin, CEO of DriveQuant. “As such there is an opportunity to leverage the presence of Bluetooth beacons in vehicles to offer additional services. This is what we want to do with CROWDLOC.“

“Using the Bluetooth beacons and integrating our software development kit (SDK) in the mobile applications of DriveQuant and other CROWDLOC partners in a collaborative way, our technology allow to offer end users, insurance companies, and fleet managers the location tracking of vehicles at a very affordable cost,“ added Ludovic Privat, CEO of CROWDLOC.

Car theft is a serious issue in Europe and in the rest of the world. In France alone, where the two companies are headquartered, 108,000 cars where stolen in 2016. The average cost for the insurer was €3,075 per stolen vehicle (2015 data -source: Fédération Française de l’Assurance).

Globally, a staggering 7,257,321 motor vehicles have been registered stolen in 2016, according to INTERPOL Stolen Motor Vehicle (SMV) database (covering 126 countries).

About DriveQuant
DriveQuant is a start-up specialized in mobile technologies applied to connected transport and mobility. It offers services to analyse driving data, coach drivers and develop solutions around ecodriving, safety, components wear and tear, and pollutant emissions. Created in 2017 by the research institute IFPEN, DriveQuant brings to the telematics market a scientific expertise. Its customers already include major insurance companies and fleets.

CROWDLOC is a B2B, Software-as-a-Service provider, offering affordable, low power location tracking services for consumers & enterprises. CROWDLOC’s disruptive service is based on a low power mobile software development kit embedded in the apps of an alliance of Bluetooth devices manufacturers, app developers & others. 
The company was founded in 2016 and is located in Versailles & Munich. The founding team is made of French and German serial entrepreneurs, supported by European business angels. 
In June 2017 CROWDLOC received an Innovation Award at the Geo IoT World conference in Brussels.


Press Contacts

François Pot
+33 6 66 82 29 18 (mobile)

Ludovic Privat
+33 6 22 05 61 38 (mobile)



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