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Tech Brief: April 2024

24/04/2024 • Olivier Grondin

DriveKit 2.0

Since its launch in September 2019, the DriveKit SDK has been embedded in more than 60 mobile apps.

This year, we're bringing you a major update. With version 2.0, installing and initialising DriveKit in your mobile app is even easier.

DriveKit now initialises automatically as soon as the libraries are imported into your application code. On Android, you no longer need to manually initialise DriveKit in the 'application' class of your app.

If you already installed DriveKit, you don't need to do anything as these changes are backwards compatible.

If you'd like to install DriveKit, we've made a demo app available to your developers. This app contains all DriveKit components, as well as a simplified quickstart project (iOS/Android) to initialise DriveKit in less than 10 minutes.


API to access your challenge data

Driving challenges are an easy way to engage your users in road safety, to reduce distracted driving and to promote eco-driving.

Our platform lets you organise and run challenges that are accessible to your users, either directly in your mobile application, if you have integrated the DriveKit SDK, or through our white-label customisable application.

To help you measure the benefits of challenges on your community, we've integrated new APIs that give you access to the following data:

  • A list of upcoming, ongoing and completed challenges.
  • Challenge details and rules.

  • The list of participants.

  • The challenge ranking.

  • Participants' progress.


Xiaomi - HyperOS

Most Android smartphones include a battery saver to limit the energy drain caused by applications.

On Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices running Android 14, the MIUI interface is gradually being replaced by HyperOS. The power saver has received a minor update. To help your users to turn it off, we've updated our tutorials.