Case studies

Case studies

Discover all our use cases and how our customers use our solution.

Road safety: Boubyan integrates the telematics SDK into its mobile application

Discover how Boubyan Takaful Insurance improved the experience of their policyholders with DriveKit, our telematics SDK | DriveQuant


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The Driving Analysis App | DriveQuant

Drive by MUA: The safe driving app to get rewards


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DriveMe'Up Driving Analysis App| DriveQuant

DrivMeUp' : Driving analysis and safety app for young drivers


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Yeet VTC | DriveQuant use case

YEET-VTC: Connected motor insurance for ride hailing drivers


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Use case on driver to driver telematics app | DriveQuant

Roole: The telematics app for mutual assitance between drivers


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Use case Léa on road safety and prevention | DriveQuant

LÉA: A road safety and distraction prevention app for corporate fleets


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Altima use case on the mobile app for small drivers | DriveQuant

Pay as you go car insurance: A mobile app for occasional drivers


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Driving by MAIF | DriveQuant

Conduire by MAIF: A mobile app for young drivers' training and safety


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