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Mobile telematics

Ultimate guide of connected insurance

The ultimate guide of connected car insurance

All the answers to your questions about connected insurance, be it usage-based insurance or Pay-How-You-Drive program, its pricing policy and how it works.


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Automatic Crash Detection

Tech Talks: How does automatic crash detection work?


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Can Apple sideline traditional insurers with its crash detection feature ?

Is Apple's crash detection a threat to insurers ?


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[Newsletter] Check out the evolution of our distraction score, our new logo, and the events not to be missed

Discover our distraction score and the interview with Philippe Moulin


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New tules for access to the user's location

Android 11 and iOS 14 have arrived on our smartphones with new user location access rules


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Newsleter - Product Updates & Innovations - September 2020

[Product Updates] Identifying alternative modes of transportation, ranking drivers with DriveKit and exploiting geo-zones


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Smartphone telematics essentials #2: the telematics SDK

Smartphone telematics essentials #2: the telematics SDK to turn any mobile app into a mobility sensor


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