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Tech Brief: March 2024

25/03/2024 • Olivier Grondin

How to use crash data in an assistance context?

Accurately assessing the severity of an accident is a key factor to help an operator to quickly take the right decision when assisting a driver who has been involved in an accident.

Our crash data push service instantly sends essential information as soon as an accident is detected and confirmed. In this way, assistance operators are able to determine the location and characteristics of the accident, such as the speed at the time of collision and the force of the collision.

In some cases, decision-making can be more difficult. To eliminate any doubts, we have developed a new feature that tracks the smartphone's location after an accident has occurred. This solution is relevant to detect minor accidents after which the driver continues his trip.

This information is displayed on a dedicated web page, accessible via a URL link shared in the accident data push service.

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DriveKit user interfaces

The DriveKit SDK is much more than just a data collection tool. In addition to the trip and accident detection and recording features, DriveKit incorporates a database and ready-to-use user interfaces.

These interfaces are designed to reduce the time you need to integrate telematics data into your application.

We are delighted to announce that we have updated all the interfaces to improve the user experience and make navigation more intuitive.

If you haven't implemented DriveKit's user interfaces yet, we encourage you to explore the open-source code on GitHub. This will help you understand how to seamlessly integrate driving insights into your mobile application, ultimately saving you valuable time.

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Samsung One UI 6

Most Android smartphones have a battery saver that limits the power consumption of installed applications.

For Samsung smartphones running Android 14 and with the One UI 6 interface, the power saver has received some minor updates. To help your users to disable the power saver, we've updated our tutorials.

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