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tech brief

Technical brief: December 2023

02/12/2023 • Olivier Grondin

Permission management and diagnosis

The Permissions Utils component included in the DriveKit SDK guides users through the configuration of their mobile application, showing them which permissions to grant.

This component also provides a graphical interface for : 

  • Display the status of sensors and permissions,

  • Guide the user to tutorials,

  • And request support.

There are two ways to integrate the Permissions Utils component into your mobile application: 

  • By using the ready-to-use graphical interfaces,

  • By developing your own interfaces from the open-source DriveKit SDK for iOS and Android.

Application activity log

The DriveKit SDK logs key events of the SDK lifecycle, even when running in the background: initialization, configurations and all steps of the trip recording. This information accelerates the analysis of a problem in case of a technical support request.

You can activate the activity log in your application by following the procedure described in our documentation on iOS and on Android.

🆕 Access to permission status changes

The DriveKit SDK automatically detects the status of permissions and sensors that are critical to detect and record trips. It now includes several methods that share events corresponding to critical state changes.

If you integrate the DriveKit SDK into your application, we recommend that you use these events to inform the user via a visual alert in your application or by displaying a notification.

This new feature is available on iOS and Android from version 1.38.0 of the DriveKit SDK.

🆕 API for checking application configurations

To extend the solutions described above, we now provide an API to check the configuration of a user's application.

The DriveKit SDK recognizes changes to application and phone settings. This information is recorded locally in the activity log, and periodically shared with the DriveQuant platform.

Thanks to the application/diagnosis API, you can check the configuration of a user's application and quickly identify the cause of a trip detection or recording problem.

The following data are available:

  • Phone model

  • Sensor status: location and Bluetooth.

  • Permissions status: location access, Bluetooth sensor access, phone activity access and notification.

  • Specific settings: permissions auto-delete (Android), background mode (Android) and low-power mode (iOS).

Trip recording issues are not necessarily caused by the phone's settings. In some cases, they may be the consequence of an action (deliberate or not) of the user. Our solution is able to determine :

  • If the user has turned off their phone,

  • If they are logged out of the application,

  • And if they have uninstalled the application from their phone.

To benefit from the application/diagnosis API, your mobile application must integrate version 1.38.0 of the DriveKit SDK.