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tech brief

Technical brief: April 2023

05/04/2023 • Olivier Grondin

Synthesis of a driver's performance

It is important for a driver to be able to evaluate his or her level of driving in order to understand the axes of improvement on which he or she must work.

To help the driver visualize this information, DriveQuant has designed a new graphical component available with the DriveKit SDK: My Synthesis.

Thanks to this component, the driver can visualize his level of driving in relation to a scale established for each score (safety, eco-driving and distraction).

This feature also allows them to compare their weekly, monthly and yearly performance with other drivers in their community.

The "My Synthesis" component replaces "My Driving" in all our white label applications to provide more clarity and to help the driver progress.

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Android Target API level

Every Android application specifies a targetSdkVersion which indicates how the application runs under different Android versions.

Every year, with new versions of Android, the target version evolves.

Thus, as of August 31, 2023:

  • New apps and app updates will need to target API level 33 or higher to be published on Google Play;

  • Existing apps must target API level 31 or higher to remain accessible to all users on Google Play.

You can already update the targetSdkVersion of your application.

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Android 6 and 7 deprecation

Starting December 2023, DriveKit will no longer support Android 6 and 7. So, we recommend targeting at least Android 8 (API 26) for your application.

Using recent versions of Android is recommended and has many advantages for you and your users:

  • The collection of permissions that regulate data collection in the background is more transparent to users and complies with the recommendations of the GDPR;

  • The updates offered by Google improve user data security, performance and optimize the user experience.

In January 2023, versions 6 and 7 were installed on less than 6% of smartphones worldwide. This figure is expected to be much lower by the end of the year.

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