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tech brief

Technical brief: January 2023

04/01/2023 • Pauline Frelot

Timelines UI

To support drivers progress, it is important to provide them with an easy way to  visualise the evolution of their driving scores. Then, they can be fully aware of the impact of their efforts and identify rooms for improvement.

To encourage this, DriveKit has a new graphical component to display data: Driver Data Timeline UI.

Thanks to this component, the driver is now able to follow the evolution of his driving scores but also his driving events (distraction, safety), fuel consumption and savings. 



If you want to collect this data on your servers, we also provide APIs to access all this information. Find more information in our public documentation.

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React Native

React Native is an open source framework for developing applications on  Android and iOS. 

It is becoming more and more popular. That's why we decided to enhance the DriveKit SDK with libraries to interface the essential components with React Native, including: 

  • Core, allowing the initialization of the SDK,

  • Trip Analysis for automatic mode management and trip recording,

  • Driver Data for the synchronisation of a driver's data,

  • and Trip Simulator to test your implementation.

Read the doc

Dashboard Web improvements

To allow you to measure the benefits and impact of a challenge on your community, we launched in 2022 the challenge report feature in the web dashboard. 

After testing  the feature for a few months and taking into account your feedback, we have made several improvements:

  • The layout of the key indicators has been changed to better emphasize the drivers' participation in the challenge;

  • The navigation between the pages of a challenge is more fluid thanks to the addition of an Action button at the top of each page that gives access to the different pages of the challenge without going back on the list;

  • The number of drivers involved in each progress graph during the challenge has been added.

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Android 5.0 depreciation

Starting with version ***, DriveKit will no longer support Android 5, so we recommend targeting Android 6 and latest versions for your application.

Using recent versions of Android is recommended and has many advantages for you and your users:

  • The collection of permissions that regulate data collection in the background is more transparent to users and complies with the recommendations of the GDPR;

  • The updates proposed by Google improve the security of the user's data.

The impact for your users is close to zero according to recent statistics given that  less than 0.7% of the phones in the world use Android 5.