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Tech Brief: February 2024

13/02/2024 • Olivier Grondin

Vehicle management

The DriveKit Vehicle module has been improved and the configuration methods are all accessible and documented.

This module enables:

  • to attach one or more vehicles to a user's account,

  • to set the vehicle characteristics,

  • and to select the automatic trip detection mode.

Vehicle characteristics such as mass and engine type are taken into account when analysing driving behaviour.

Thanks to the iBeacon detection mode, the SDK automatically associates trips recorded by the smartphone to the vehicle where the beacon is installed.

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Driving challenge

The challenge is a fun way of engaging drivers in improving their driving style and rewarding progress.
In the latest version of the DriveKit graphics library, we've improved the readability of the challenges list. Users can now more easily consult their challenge history and view their ranking directly from the list.
You can access this data in the Challenge module to build your own graphical interface.

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Validating your developer account on the Google Play Console

All Android developers must validate their account to comply with the updated Play Console requirements. Unverified accounts will be deleted after a given deadline. Users won’t be able to download applications associated with unverified accounts.
If your Play Console account was created before September 2023, here are the key deadlines to remember, and the actions you should take to validate your account:

  • Up to 29 February 2024, book a date to verify your Play Console account.

  • After that deadline, a date will be automatically attributed to verify your account.

You can start verifying your account via Play Console around 60 days before the deadline.

What information should I provide?

The list of required information can be found here. Make sure to start collecting the required information before the deadline, in particular for the D-U-N-S ID. If you don't have an ID for your company, requesting a D-U-N-S number is free but it can take up to 30 working days!

How to book a verification deadline?

  • Go to your Developer Console.

  • In the box "Choose your preferred account verification deadline now", click on the "Get started" button.

  • Choose a validation deadline.

  • Select "Organization account". Then, if you already have a D-U-N-S identifier, select "Yes" and fill it in. Otherwise, select "No".

  • Select the country in which your company is registered, then click on "Next".

  • Confirm the validation deadline by clicking on the button "Reserve month day, year".

    60 days before the validity deadline, start validating your account by filling in the details in the "Account details" section of the Play Console.