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IFP Energies nouvelles improves driver behavior with DriveQuant

19/09/2016 • Olivier Grondin

Rueil-Malmaison, September 19, 2016 - Two weeks ahead of the Paris Motor Show, the IFPEN Transports Energie Carnot Institute (IC IFPEN TE) is launching a new service solution – DriveQuant – aimed at improving driver behavior and reducing fuel consumption. The technology has been developed to reflect the fact that safety at the wheel and a vehicle's fuel performance depend in part on the way a vehicle is driven rather than solely on the technologies and powertrain present in the vehicle. DriveQuant draws on IC IFPEN TE's R&D to anticipate the development of services meeting evolving smart mobility needs.

Interacting with drivers and helping them improve their driving technique

In 2014, research engineers specializing in automatic systems at IC IFPEN TE developed the GECO eco-driving application. Objective: to achieve fuel savings of between 10 and 15% with the same technologies. Used by more than 22,000 drivers, GECO is built around scientific algorithms that provide fair and accurate driving assessments. Today, IFPEN is going further still by launching a global solution aimed at analyzing driving performance and supporting motorists. Four types of web service are available:

  • Energy analysis: DriveQuant measures the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, in real driving conditions.
  • Eco-driving: DriveQuant offers guidance to drivers to help them reduce fuel consumption during key phases (acceleration, braking and speed of travel) and get as close as possible to the ideal reference driving behavior.
  • Safety: DriveQuant evaluates driving in terms of safety to help drivers adopt a more prudent approach at the wheel. Algorithms detect events associated with risky driving (excessive speed on certain corners, significant speed variations, etc.).
  • Coaching: DriveQuant allows for interaction with drivers via mobile applications and web sites (advice, warnings, group sessions). The objective is to encourage good practices and ensure the changes in behavior are lasting.

In addition to web services, DriveQuant offers a mobile application that can be used as a white-label service and an SDK (Software development kit – iOS or Android) to facilitate the integration of driving analysis services in its customer solutions.

Three priority markets


  • Fleet managers. By integrating DriveQuant services, fleet managers can monitor the fuel efficiency of their vehicles together with improvements in driver behavior, identify risks associated with the use of the fleet and define avenues for improving safety. Ultimately, this will reduce costs as well as the number of accidents.
  • Insurance companies. These companies can use DriveQuant to identify and build the loyalty of the best divers, but also to encourage all their customers to improve their behavior at the wheel, i.e. the technology has a risk prevention role. With a better understanding and analysis of usages, insurers optimize risk management.
  • New players in the connected mobility sector. DriveQuant enables objective and transparent indicators to be shared between drivers, passengers and service companies.


A dedicated team and operational technology to meet customers' needs


The DriveQuant platform incorporates patented algorithms resulting from several years of R&D work. It is managed by a dedicated team of engineers and researchers with specific expertise in the vehicle sector. Several million kilometers of driving data collected via telematic devices and smart phones have already been analyzed.

The algorithms are enhanced with data external to the vehicle (topography, traffic conditions, weather, etc.). DriveQuant services are compatible with a mobile application or a connected unit on board the vehicle. Data can be displayed on web-based dashboards or mobile applications, particularly in cartographic form.

The DriveQuant team will collect, analyze and process its customers' data with a view to extracting useful information and adding value to their solutions. The platform is adaptable to customers' needs and compatible with all types of telematic solutions.