DrivMeUp, the app that makes young people safer on the roads

DrivMeUp' : Driving analysis and safety app for young drivers

24/11/2021 • Edouard Boisnel

Partner: Covéa - GMF et MAAF

Country: France

Industry: Insurance

Year: 2020

Helping to reduce the number of road accidents among young drivers

In France, car accidents are the leading cause of death among young people from generation Z. While the French Road Safety Authority estimates that distracted driving multiplies the risk of an accident by 3, at least 50% of 16-24 year-olds send or read text messages or emails while driving.

As France's leading motor insurer, with more than 10 million vehicles insured through its three brands (MAAF, GMF and MMA), the fight against road deaths among young drivers is one of Covéa's top priorities.

To help reduce the use of mobile phones at the wheel, Covéa wanted to launch a fun, digital support solution aimed at Generation Z. Given the almost intimate relationship that young people have developed with their phones, launching a road safety programme based on smartphone telematics quickly proved to be the best choice for engaging them.

A prevention programme designed and run for young people

Covéa was looking for a French smartphone telematics supplier offering a white-label application. It turned to DriveQuant to launch its project. That is how the DrivMeUp' road safety programme was born. 

The way it works is quite simple: all GMF and MAAF customers aged between 18 and 25, with less than 2 years' driving experience, are invited to sign up to the programme by downloading the DrivMeUp' application.

The programme and the application have been designed and customized to meet the digital expectations of young people: 

  • Trips are detected automatically,

  • Three scores are given after each trip (safety, distraction and eco-driving),

  • Feedback in the form of personalized coaching messages is displayed to help them identify and improve their weak points.

In addition, a person has been appointed to lead the DrivMeUp' community at Covéa. Driving challenges are organized every two months to engage young drivers and help them progress. The anti-distraction challenges are particularly popular.

The drivers who make the most progress are rewarded with gifts including smartphones and shopping vouchers.



An increasingly cautious driving community

Fewer distractions

Users who take part in driving challenges are much less distracted than those who do not. They have between 30% and 50% fewer distraction events than non-participants. 

Better safety scores

Nearly half the users have made progress (42%), with a very marked improvement (-40% of events).

Repetition of challenges bearing fruit

Drivers are getting better and better at avoiding calls while driving. Progression becomes less significant as they reach a very good level, even before the challenges.

Launch your road safety program with us


Alain Marc Chesnier

Head of Products Intelligence and Innovation • Covéa

In order to actively contribute to road risk prevention, Covéa chose DriveQuant to develop a fun driving coaching mobile application for young drivers insured by MAAF and GMF. The solution platform offered by DriveQuant and the quality of the cooperation between us allowed a quick and successful launch of the mobile test application with many young MAAF and GMF driver customers.