Bilist+, the innovative road safety program in Denmark based on DriveQuant's white label app

Improving road safety in Denmark with the white label app

24/04/2024 • Valentin Juillard

LB in a few words

LB Forsikring is a member-owned insurance company focused on providing private damage insurance. It’s the fourth largest private insurance company in Denmark. The company offers a broad range of insurance products including home, contents, car, accident, travel, and business insurance. LB Forsikring primarily serves the private insurance market. It was founded in 1880 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bilist+, Denmark's innovative road safety program

Open to all LB Forsikring’s car policyholders, the Bilist+ program helps policyholders gain insight into their driving behavior. Based on DriveQuant’s white label application, the Bilist+ app provides LB Forsikring’s customers with a safety score and a distraction score for every trip they make. Drivers who demonstrate safe driving behavior are rewarded with a reduced deductible in the event of an accident.

"It’s all about improving our members’ driving behavior

Andreas Goldschmidt, Product Owner at LB Forsikring, and Morten Schnack Jørgensen, Project Lead at LB Forsikring, share how the Bilist+ program contributes to making Danish roads safer. 



The benefits

For LB Forsikring

  • Limited initial investment because the product is based on DriveQuant's white label app.
  • Fast and easy to configure, implement and scale.
  • Reduce road risk and the expenses associated with car claims.

For their policyholders

  • Adoption of safer driving behavior.
  • Reduction on their deductible.
  • Renewed engagement thank to driving challenges.