LÉA: A road safety and distraction prevention app for corporate fleets

20/11/2019 • Pauline Frelot

Customers: SNCF Réseau, Spie, Suez, Komatsu.

Country : France

Industry: Fleet managment

Year: 2019

Driver behavior and phone distraction: a challenge for companies

Many businesses require the daily use of a vehicle. For business owners, car behavior has become a major concern.

50% of workplace accidents are traffic-related, which is the leading cause of death at work. In addition, 65% of professionals say they regularly use their phone while driving, a distraction that is responsible for ten deaths or serious injuries every day in France.

For smaller companies, the problem is not so simple. It's about finding a low-cost solution that can be installed quickly.



The solution: a turnkey mobile telematics application

To overcome this problem, DriveQuant offers its mobile telematics application: LÉA. Employees simply download the application on their smartphone. The application automatically detects the trips and then analyzes the driving behavior and detects the use of the smartphone while driving. 2 scores are then transcribed: safety and distracted driving, helping them to progress.


The solution is affordable as there is only a monthly subscription fee. It also includes a web dashboard for administrators to monitor employees' progress, send them messages or set up challenges based on driving scores.



The first outcome: employees are more concerned about their driving

Coaching of employees

A platform to monitor drivers with the ability to send messages and notifications to animate the community.

Changes in safety and distraction scores

According to the use of the smartphone while driving, the calls made during the trips and according to 3 safety criteria: harsh braking and acceleration, risks of adherence loss.

Challenges proposed to all drivers

Road risk awareness campaigns as competitions to improve driving.


Arnaud Moriceau

Risk Prevention Officer • SNCF Réseau

We chose DriveQuant for its simple and universal solution to measure driving safety. We identify both good and less safe drivers in order to explain road risk in a very encouraging and pedagogical way. It is a new way of doing prevention through data.