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Launch of Wecover by Geco

04/03/2016 • Olivier Grondin

In order to offer less expensive car insurance to good drivers, the startup, Wecover, has launched an app entitled Wecover by GECO. The app acts as a genuine personal coach helping to improve your driving and join the community of « super drivers ». It will then be rewarded and will see their insurance premiums cut as they benefit from the first ever collaborative insurance offer.

Join the community of « super drivers »

All you have to do is download the application WeCover by GECO, available for free on Android and iOS, and follow the advice of your personal driving coach.

Developed in partnership with IFP Energies nouvelles, the app analyzes motorists' driving behavior: it measures speed variations, accelerations and decelerations, braking and swerving.

  • Drive better
    After each journey, the application gives a driving score and extensive personalized advice to improve and reduce the risk of an accident.

  • Drive for less
    The application also helps drivers reduce fuel consumption. And as part of the WeCover Challenge, the best driver will get a whole year of free insurance!


A driving coach to cut insurance premiums by up to 50%!

Collaborative insurance to reduce insurance premiums

The objective of WeCover is to launch the 1st collaborative car insurance exclusively for « super drivers ».

Currently, drivers belong to a vast community of millions of very different drivers.

In the future, WeCover will let drivers come together to take out collaborative insurance policies and make savings on their premiums in the process.

How does it work?

  • Similar warrantees, 1 small group, 1 shared kitty
    WeCover offers good drivers the chance to join restricted communities (between 20 and 100 members) made up exclusively of motorists with exemplary driving.At the start of the year, each "super driver" pays their premium contributing to the shared kitty which represents the total cost of insurance for the community.

  • Even if WeCover is targeted at good drivers, there is no such thing as zero risk. If a driver has an accident, warranty and insurance remains at the highest level and premiums do not increase.

Save up to 50%

Trials carried out abroad have proved that: coached, informed, more involved, empowered and interconnected drivers who receive advice tend to do all they can to avoid an accident thereby saving on their insurance costs.

Good news: at the end of the year, what is left in the kitty is shared out among all members of the group!

The latest in insurance technology, WeCover wishes to make car insurance a genuine experience which is more attractive and more responsible.

WeCover is based on the original mutual ethos providing a technological solution which is taking us back to the principles of insurance.


To find out more: www.wecover.fr