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Connected insurance

Talking Telematics #1: Young VS Experienced Drivers, who are the most distracted?

Who are the most distracted drivers on the road? How can mobile telematics help you to measure the driving behaviour of your fleet? The answers are in the first episode of Talking Telematics!


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editorial philippe

Which road risk prevention program in 2024?


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phone distraction segmentation drivers community connected insurance

How to use distracted driving indicators?


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véhicules connectés ou télématique smartphone, quelle technologie choisir pour de l'assurance connectée

Connected vehicles vs. Smartphones: Which is better for measuring road risk?


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Usage based insurers ultimate guide for insurers

Decoding Usage-Based Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide


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Why is connected insurance the right tool to make GenZ drivers safer?


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Ultimate guide of connected insurance

The ultimate guide of connected car insurance


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