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SCOR INNOVATION PODCAST: how to reduce distracted driving?

16/03/2023 • Valentin Juillard

Reducing distracted driving is a critical issue for insurers, who are witnessing year after year the inexorable increase in the use of phones in cars. How do we characterise distracted driving? How can distraction be reduced? What tools are available? The SCOR INNOVATION PODCAST team interviewed Philippe Moulin, CEO and co-founder of DriveQuant, to find out more and try to provide answers to these questions.

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Detecting, measuring and combating distraction

Distracted driving is a scourge that is difficult to quantify. The French Road Safety Authority estimates that, at least:

  • The risk of an accident is multiplied by 3 when using the telephone while driving, 
  • The risk of an accident is multiplied by 20 when a driver consults a text message,
  • Phone use is responsible for at least 10% of accidents involving injuries.

It is in this risky context that DriveQuant intervenes. By collecting driver data through its smartphone telematics application, DriveQuant makes it possible to detect and measure phone use while driving. The application assigns a distraction score to the driver for every journey to encourage them to take responsibility and modify their driving behaviour.

Thanks to smartphone telematics, insurers can segment their portfolio very accurately according to the measured risk profile of their customers. This allows them to send personalized prevention messages to customers identified as being at risk.


What's next? How can you actively combat distracted driving? 

Using DriveQuant's smartphone telematics, you can launch anti-distraction driving challenges. Encourage your customers to reduce their distracted driving by offering vouchers to those who make the most progress!

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