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Connected insurance

How to protect your portfolio against dire economic conditions ?

Keep your clients by launching a Pay-As-You-Drive or PayHow-You-Drive insurance offer. It is economical and ecological, exactly what your clients want !


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Partnership between SCOR and DriveQuant

SCOR & DRIVEQUANT announce Strategic Business Development Relationship


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Can Apple sideline traditional insurers with its crash detection feature ?

Is Apple's crash detection a threat to insurers ?


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Offer customized insurance to each of your customers

Pay-as-you-drive insurance: customized insurance for your customers


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Uniques offers, according to the needs of each drivers

All you need to know about Usage-Based Insurance


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Why is connected insurance so appealing to young drivers?


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DrivMeUp - What's that ?

DrivMeUp' : Driving analysis application dedicated to young policyholders


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