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Technical brief: September 2022

02/09/2022 • Olivier Grondin


iOS 16 DriveKit compatibility

We've been working since the launch of the iOS 16 public beta last July to bring you a version that is compatible with the official iOS 16 release as soon as it comes out.

If you have installed Xcode version 14 and you want to update your application, we invite you to install the latest version of the DriveKit SDK with the following versions:

End of iOS 10 support

Xcode version 14, which allows you to build applications for iOS 16, no longer supports iOS 9 and iOS 10, as well as the ARMv7 architecture. Therefore, iPhones 5 and 5C, equipped with ARMv7 processors and restricted to iOS 10, can no longer be eligible for updates.

In addition, not all the iPhones compatible with iOS 15 will receive the iOS 16 update. This is the case for some older models: iPhone SE (1st generation), 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus.

The DriveKit SDK now supports iOS versions 11 to 16 and all iPhones compatible with these versions.

End of bitcode support

Bitcode is an Apple technology that enables you to recompile your app to reduce its size.

Since 2015, Apple recommended including Bitcode for iOS apps. This is the reason why DriveKit provided Bitcode. Starting with Xcode 14, Bitcode is no longer required, and the App Store no longer accepts Bitcode submissions.

That's why we removed the Bitcode from the DriveKit SDK.

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