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From prevention to Pay-How-You-Drive insurance, Boubyan Takaful

13/06/2022 • Edouard Boisnel

The quest for a unique digital customer experience

Boubyan Takaful Insurance was founded in 2006 in Kuwait. Well established among the country's top 5 insurers, Boubyan is looking to embark on a new phase of growth focused on digital and customer-centric services. To achieve this, the insurance company is redesigning its mobile application to provide a high-quality digital experience.

At the same time, Boubyan Takaful Insurance wants to play an active role in promoting safer and more responsible driving. After surveying the solutions available on the market and its customers, Boubyan decided to integrate a solution for analysing driving behaviour and eco-driving into its application.

Why DriveQuant?

The ease of integration of the DriveKit SDK and the performance of the driving behaviour analysis solution quickly convinced Boubyan's management to choose DriveQuant as a partner. With the DriveKit SDK integrated, Boubyan Takaful launched its road safety programme called Boubyan Drive.

This programme analyses driver behaviour in terms of safety, eco-driving and distraction. Depending on their driving style, drivers earn loyalty points every week. These points can be exchanged for discount codes to take out insurance or various services offered by Boubyan Takaful partners.


Convincing results

The marketing strategy deployed by Boubyan Takaful Insurance bore immediate fruit, with over 25,000 drivers signing up when the programme was launched.

Here are the elements deployed by Boubyan Insurance to achieve this result: 

  • A landing page dedicated to Boubyan Drive on the website

  • An email campaign

  • Regular posts on social networks

  • A quirky and funny YouTube video that reached 650,000 views

A switch to behavior-based insurance

The success of the prevention programme has prompted Boubyan Insurance to transform its prevention programme into a Pay-How-You-Drive insurance offer. Customers can earn up to 20% cashback based on their driving style.

What's next? Deploying a high value-added assistance solution: automatic accident detection.

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Marketing & Product Development Manager • Boubyan Takaful Insurance

The technology proposed by DriveQuant convinced us right away. We were looking for an innovative product, capable of meeting our needs. Thanks to DriveKit SDK, it only took us a few weeks to integrate telematics features into our mobile application. We were able to quickly offer our customers a high-performance solution that supports them in their daily driving behavior. Boubyan Takaful and DriveQuant are now working as true partners to reduce incidents and develop eco-driving.