DrivMeUp' : Driving analysis and safety app for young drivers

24/11/2021 • Diane Le Monnier

Partner: Covéa - GMF et MAAF

Country: France

Industry: Insurance

Year: 2020

The challenges for GMF and MAAF in offering a digital road safety solution

In France, car accidents among young people are the leading cause of death. The use of a smartphone at the wheel multiplies the risk of an accident by 3 and yet 7 out of 10 French people use a phone at the wheel and these figures rise to 83% for 18–24-year-olds.

Covéa is the leading French insurer. Through MAAF, GMF and MMA, it insures over 10 million vehicles in France. These insurers organise numerous projects based on road safety, particularly among young people, to reduce the risk.

To address the problem of smartphone use while driving, Covéa was looking for a solution to support its young customers: rewarding their virtuous driving behaviour through a driving analysis application.

The solution: development of a white label driving analysis application

Covéa therefore naturally contacted DriveQuant, a partner that could develop a turnkey application available in a few weeks for the benefit of young policyholders.

The way it works is very simple: GMF and MAAF customers aged 18 to 25 with less than 2 years' driving experience are invited to download the application. It automatically detects users' trips.

Throughout the project, Covéa will organise several challenges in order to animate the community and lead them towards safer behaviour: no use of the smartphone and smoother driving. The best behaviours will be rewarded with gifts such as smartphones and shopping vouchers.

Covéa will take advantage of the application to coach and build user loyalty, in particular through road safety campaigns and messages.


An application that meets Covéa's expectations

Changes in safety and distraction scores

The platform tracks driving distraction by measuring smartphone use while driving and calls made while driving. Safety is measured in three easy-to-understand areas: hard braking, hard acceleration and loss of grip.

Thanks to the driver engagement features offered by the app, scores improve significantly.

Challenges for users

Road risk awareness campaigns in the form of competitions to test performance and win prizes allow Covea to regularly engage its community in good practices.

The impact before and after the challenge is visible on the scores.

Communication channel through the application

Possibility of sending messages and notifications to animate the community

Tracking of all tripsDetails of each user's trip

Users have access to their journeys in detail, to the different events reported, to their scores. They also receive driving tips taking into account the road context, the weather, the daylight, etc.


Alain Marc Chesnier

Head of Products Intelligence and Innovation • Covéa

In order to actively contribute to road risk prevention, Covéa chose DriveQuant to develop a fun driving coaching mobile application for young drivers insured by MAAF and GMF. The solution platform offered by DriveQuant and the quality of the cooperation between us allowed a quick and successful launch of the mobile test application with many young MAAF and GMF driver customers.

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