Road safety: Boubyan integrates our SDK into its mobile application

13/06/2022 • Edouard Boisnel

How to improve the experience of Boubyan Takaful Insurance policyholders?

Boubyan Takaful Insurance, established in Kuwait in 2006, is one of the new generation of insurers in the country. Operating through multiple acquisition channels, it is able to offer a comprehensive range of products and services to its customers. Boubyan Takaful does not limit itself to individuals and companies and seeks to reach a wide population within the territory.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, Boubyan Takaful sets high standards for itself in terms of customer service. It also strives to offer a personal touch to each of its customers.

Well established in the top 5 insurers in the country, the successful company is looking forward to a new phase of growth. The goal is to develop ever more innovative products that will meet the needs of its customers. One of the latest advances is the possibility for customers to purchase an insurance solution anywhere and anytime.
It is in this dynamic that Boubyan Takaful Insurance has recently launched a new mobile application. It aims to improve the experience of the insured. Purchase assistance, policy tracking and renewal, claims, and several other features.

As a committed insurer, Boubyan Takaful also believes it has a major role in promoting safer and more responsible driving. So they had to find a way to encourage customers to do so. The idea they had? Integrate into their application a tool that can analyze behaviors on the road and reward the best drivers.

Multiple reasons that pushed the company to call on DriveQuant, expert in the field of connected insurance and road safety.

This partnership also brings Boubyan Takaful additional credibility in terms of social responsibility. Not only with its customers, but also with the general public. The commitment of the companies has become a major stake, the insurance company has well understood it.

Analyze driver behavior with the DriveKit telematics SDK

Thanks to the digital shift undertaken by Boubyan Takaful, DriveQuant was able to quickly propose a solution adapted to the need: DriveKit. This mobile SDK library allows to transform any mobile application into a telematics application.

Once the telematics SDK was integrated, Boubyan Takaful decided to launch its new program, Boubyan Drive. The quality of DriveKit has enabled the insurance company to develop a comprehensive prevention and loyalty program.

Boubyan Drive meets many needs from the insurer's perspective. Reducing claims as a priority, but also creating value for end users.
Once activated, the program analyzes drivers' behavior, in terms of safety, eco-driving or distraction. Depending on their habits, drivers will be able to earn loyalty points each week. Points that can be exchanged for discount codes to subscribe to insurance or various services offered by Boubyan Takaful partners. Other gifts are offered during driving challenges like Playstation 5, Apple Watch... .

Thanks to its simplicity and dedicated support, it took only a few weeks to integrate DriveKit telematics SDK. The DriveQuant team was present at all stages of implementation, offering specific solutions for each problem. Boubyan Takaful was also able to save considerable time on the user interface, as the components were developed upstream by DriveQuant.

First convincing results

The integration of the telematics SDK has proved its worth, with 25,000 drivers registered in one month.

The first results are quite convincing, helped by an effective marketing strategy.

  • A Landing page dedicated to Boubyan Drive on the corporate website.
  • Implementation of email campaigns.
  • Publication on social networks.
  • Not to mention the launch of a youtube video that has reached 650,000 views. It can be viewed here : Boubyan Drive - monitoring driver behavior

A program that provides real value to its users.
In addition to reducing the number of claims, the implementation of Boubyan Drive is a considerable lever for acquiring new customers. Thanks to the driving data collected, gifts and benefits are calculated according to the users' behavior. A definitely innovative process, providing an ultra personalized experience.
In the future, Boubyan Drive will be able to expand its service offering with insurance policies directly linked to usage or behavior. The assistance field is also a possibility, thanks to the automatic detection of accidents. An additional added value made possible by the first steps taken with the launch of the road safety program.

As the program is accessible to all, clients or not, the company is giving itself the means to reach a large population. It is thus strengthening its position as a preventive insurer and digital player.



Marketing & Product Development Manager • Boubyan Takaful Insurance

The technology proposed by DriveQuant convinced us right away. We were looking for an innovative product, capable of meeting our needs. Thanks to DriveKit SDK, it only took us a few weeks to integrate telematics features into our mobile application. We were able to quickly offer our customers a high-performance solution that supports them in their daily driving behavior. Boubyan Takaful and DriveQuant are now working as true partners to reduce incidents and develop eco-driving.