Insuring high-risk drivers with behavioral insurance

04/04/2023 • Valentin Juillard


Country: France

Industry: Insurance

Year: 2021

There is no doubt that some professionals are more exposed to road risk than others. This is particularly the case for ride-hailing drivers who drive several hours a day in dense urban environments. However, despite their higher risk profile, it is quite possible to offer them good cover at an attractive price without a combined ratio in the red. How can this be done? With behavioral insurance or Pay-How-You-Drive! Unlikely? YEET-VTC has done it!

YEET-VTC in a few words

YEET-VTC is a Lyon-based insurance company founded in 2021. This subsidiary of YEET Assurances is specialised in the protection of ride-hailing drivers and their vehicles. It is the first insurance company dedicated to ride-hailing drivers to offer behavioural car insurance.

Yes, the combined ratio is positive

YEET-VTC is doing very well. Its business model, which is based on behavioural car insurance, powered by DriveQuant's smartphone telematics, is healthy and positive. Philippe Decaudin, founder and CEO of YEET Assurances, tells you more in video:



The benefits


  • Zero development: white label application provided and maintained by DriveQuant. Automated user authentication via OpenIDConnect,
  • Steady premium growth with a low number of claims,
  • High customer loyalty,
  • Continuous growth acquisition thanks to very effective word of mouth,
  • 2.0 Customer relationship  based on telephone exchange and the app.

For customers

  • Getting car insurance despite a high-risk profile,
  • Modular premium based on driving behavior.
  • A fair offer with the following headline: "the smoother your driving behavior, the less you pay"