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LB Forsikring launches Bilist+ in partnership with DriveQuant

22/09/2023 • Valentin Juillard

A connected insurance program to promote safer driving on Denmark's roads

Paris & Copenhagen, 22 September 2023,

LB Forsikring, the fourth largest private insurance company in Denmark, and DriveQuant, the European leader in smartphone telematics, are proud to announce the launch of the Bilist+ program.

Open to LB Forsikring’s members, the program aims to reduce car accidents and make Denmark’s roads safer by leveraging smartphone telematics. Through the Bilist+ mobile app, Danish drivers gain insights into their driving behavior, including their level of safe driving and their phone distraction. Beyond scoring, Bilist+ also coaches Danish drivers to improve their driving skills and reduce accidents on the road. Drivers that demonstrate safe driving behavior will receive a reduced deductible as a reward

Considering that LB's mission is centered around prevention, the program Bilist+ will also regularly incentivize drivers to adopt a more sustainable driving style and reduce their phone distraction through driving challenges. Several data-driven studies by DriveQuant demonstrated that (1) challenges lead to a 25% reduction in phone distraction, and (2) the less distracted drivers are also the safest.



Andreas Goldschmidt, Product Owner of prevention solutions at LB Forsikring:

"At LB Forsikring, we have the ambition to take responsibility and help where we can. We expect that Bilist+ drivers will exhibit fewer instances of hard-braking and reduced cell phone usage while driving. Such a development is positive as it contributes to enhancing road safety and, in the long run, will lead to a decrease in accidents and injuries for our members and other road users."

Philippe Moulin, CEO at DriveQuant:

Our partnership with LB Forsikring is strategic because it contributes to promoting connected insurance in the Nordics, which we consider a promising market for mobile telematics. Besides, Bilist+ is the result of the belief shared by both companies that road prevention is a key factor in making Denmark's roads safer”.