mua drive by mua telematics program

Drive By MUA: the insurance app that rewards good driving

26/11/2021 • Edouard Boisnel

Partnership: MUA

Country: Mauritius & East Africa

Industry: Insurance

Year: 2021

An insurer committed to road safety

MUA is an insurance and financial services company committed to developing innovative services for communities in Mauritius, East Africa and the Indian Ocean. MUA has over 100 years of experience in Africa and employs 825 people in 30 branches.

As part of its "Transition 2023" strategic plan, which aims to brand a strong regional cultural identity, significantly increase activity and implement major transformation projects, MUA wanted to offer all Mauritians an innovative solution to make the roads safer.

The insurer therefore opted to run a road safety programme. The technological choice was quickly made in favor of smartphone telematics for several reasons:

  • The affordable cost of the solution

  • The universality of the technology

  • The accuracy of the driving analysis

  • The quality and customisation options of a white label app



Launch of the Drive By MUA programme and application

After surveying the market, MUA chose DriveQuant because this supplier stood out on the 4 factors mentioned above. MUA is therefore launching its road safety programme with the release of the Drive By MUA application, which is DriveQuant's white-label app customised in MUA's colours. This app automatically detects vehicle journeys and provides safety, distraction and eco-driving scores.


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A successful market launch with excellent client feedback

4,500 registered drivers in a few weeks

MUA launched a solid communication campaign to celebrate the launch of the project with: 

An engaged community

Early adopters continue to be invested in the programme by taking part in the new driving challenges.

A top-rated mobile application on iOS and Android

Users have expressed their great satisfaction with the application, rating it over 4 stars on the stores.


Gabriel Delerue

General Manager and Co-Founder • Fleeti

This is a real smart drive app. It has been tested on more than 1,000 phone models to ensure full compatibility on iPhone and more than 95% on Android. The driving analysis is carried out with a very low impact on the battery and mobile data consumption of the smartphone. The type of vehicle as well as the conditions of the journey are taken into account. The driving score gives a very reliable assessment of the driver's risk.


Bertrand Casteres

Group CEO • MUA

At the heart of our mission as an insurance provider is a commitment to promote good driving behavior. After our educational web series MUA Learners' Challenge, we wanted to reach as many people as possible with digital prevention tools. Mobile telematics is proven in terms of road safety in many countries around the world and we are convinced that with DRIVE by MUA, drivers will know how to better protect them and others on the road.